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Nick Statman- 4 Great Property Investing Podcasts To Download Right Now

Property Expert Nicholas “Nick” Statman on Real Estate Podcasts-

Nick Statman Podcast

One thing that all successful property investors have in common is that they are continually learning. They are reading, listening to podcasts, attending workshops, and having coffee with their mentors to learn more about the industry and how to grow as an investor. Our high-tech generation is used to having all the information they need right at their fingertips, which is why podcasts have become such a popular resource for busy professionals. Whether you listen to podcasts on the way to the gym, on your morning commute to work, or a long drive, it can be an educational and entertaining way to learn more about the property market. 

Here are four property investment podcast that you need to download right now:

The Property Podcast

Hosted by successful property investors, Rob and Rob, this informative podcast dives deep into many of the common issues that property investors and landlords face. This podcast is downloaded over 180,000 times a month. It features easy to understand and relatable podcasts on a variety of issues, including getting started with investing, strategies and goals, what and where to buy, tax, and finance. Whether you’re a seasoned investor or just getting started, you can find useful tips and resources on this popular podcast. 

I recommend getting started with episode #361, “How to invest over the next 7 years.” 

The Inside Property Investing Podcast

If you enjoy hearing the stories, mistakes, successes, and adventures of other property investors, you’ll love the inside property investing podcast. The podcast was started by Mike and Victoria Stenhouse, who has been able to build an impressive UK property portfolio and want to share their experience with others. 

They interview other successful property investors like Peter Armistead and Ruth Hobbs and cover topics like The three stages of a successful property career, crowdfunding, financing, and tips to investing in new builds.

If you’re not sure where to start, I’d suggest Episode 266, “Six productivity tips that will boost your property investing” or #268, “Bridging the finance gap – how to get more from your joint venture deals.” 

BiggerPockets Real Estate Podcast

BiggerPockets has dominated the property and investing industry in the states, and while it’s not a UK based podcast, it is still a top-rated and reputable source for investors of all backgrounds. In almost every episode, the hosts interview an entrepreneur, successful business leader, property investor, or CEO to hear their story and share the tips and tricks they’ve learned through their experiences. Each episode is just over an hour and covers everything from avoiding rookie mistakes and retiring at 40 to multifamily flipping and how to use checklists and systems to get more done and make more money.

If you’re a parent trying to juggle work, kids, and property investments, you’ll love the interview in episode #340. And if you’ve ever been interested in investing in commercial real estate, you should download episode #333 right now. 

Tej Talks Podcast

The Tej Talks Podcast steps away from the traditional podcast strategy of interviewing multi-millionaires and successful business owners and instead focuses on the everyday investor. This podcast shares stories of regular, everyday people who got started in property investing and want to share their stories and secrets so that you can be successful too. 

Each episode is about an hour-long and covers topics that matter to the everyday investor, including how to balance a nine-to-five job with property investing, mentoring and building a company culture, how property investing impacts your mental health, and how to stay safe while investing. This easy to listen to podcast is excellent for long commutes or while at the gym, and the short TejTips are short, helpful tidbits of info covering things like public speaking, networking, and how to navigate a property auction 

To get started, I recommend downloading the “People and Persistence in Property” episode, as well as the first #MindfulMonday episode entitled “Money.” Both are informative, relatable, and perfect for investors that want to be intentional about not only growing their portfolio but growing as a person as well. 

The Bottom Line

If you’re going to lead in this industry, you have to be hungry for knowledge. You have to consistently surround yourself with people who are smarter than you, better than you, and have earned more money than you. This is the only way to grow your portfolio and reach your goals. Listening to podcasts is one of the easiest ways to absorb complicated information, and these podcasts are perfect for investors in every stage of the property investment journey. 

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Nicholas ‘Nick’ Statman entered the property industry in 2001 and set up a property buying company that quickly established itself as one of the biggest in the sector. During this time the Company successfully transacted on thousands of residential properties across the UK. Nicholas Statman was an early pioneer of the ‘quick sale’ niche market which has since grown considerably with a multitude of companies now operating in the sector. Nicholas Statman has strategically built a sizeable residential and commercial property portfolio with a view to holding for optimum capital growth and a long term passive income. Nicholas Statman has been involved in almost every aspect of the property sector over a 20 year period – this includes buying and selling, development, letting and management and is now involved in the fast growing online/ hybrid Estate Agent industry.

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